A straightforward and minimalist infographic with three icons against a neutral background. From left to right: a bottle of oil and a whole avocado, symbolizing the choice of healthy fats; a salad bowl with a spoon, representing fresh vegetable options; and a burger with a lettuce bun, indicating a Whole30 compliant substitute for the traditional bun. Each icon is depicted with simple lines and solid fill, reflecting a clean eating approach consistent with Whole30 guidelines.

10 Whole30 Fast Food Meals You Can Order When Traveling Or Dining Out

In the article, Scott Keatley, RD, from Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy, offers advice on how to navigate fast food options while adhering to the Whole30 program. Here's a summary of his tips and meal suggestions:

Be Prepared for Substitutions: When ordering fast food on Whole30, expect to make substitutions and special requests to stay compliant with the program's guidelines.

Choose Proteins Wisely: Keatley advises starting with a dry protein, avoiding sauces or seasonings that likely contain added sugar and MSG.

Go for Veggies: Add vegetables to your meal, requesting them dry to ensure they're free from non-compliant ingredients like butter. If possible, opt for steamed veggies, and watch for soy, grains, or corn used as fillers.

Salad Dressings: For salads, Keatley suggests skipping the dressing, which usually contains sugar and other non-compliant ingredients. Instead, ask for olive oil and vinegar if available.

Fast Food Orders:

Panera: Modify the Green Goddess Club Salad by removing chicken, pickled onions, bacon, and dressing due to sugar and dairy. Use oil and vinegar as a dressing.
Chili's: Choose the Classic Sirloin, ask for it dry, without seasonings, sauces, or garlic butter. Replace loaded mashed potatoes with a double order of steamed broccoli without butter.
Five Guys: Opt for a plain burger patty and replace the bun with lettuce leaves. Add tomatoes and raw onions for extra flavor.

Keatley emphasizes the importance of being strategic and trusting the kitchen to follow through with your specific Whole30 fast food requests.