It was my first meeting, he was really nice. It was online, he was very punctual and I didn’t feel judged about my unhealthy choices but rather I feel motivated to improve my overall health!

Highly Recommend Scott. He was very helpful.

Great dietitian! He very professionally saved my fathers life! Im very happy we chose to go to Mr Scott!

Laura Perkins

I enjoyed my visit today with the nutritionist. He was very attentive to my specific situation and offered excellent suggestions to get me back on track. He was patient, kind, and very knowledgeable. He backed his science by sharing online evidence. As a keto follower, he didn’t steer me away from the lifestyle Rather, offered suggestions that I was open to. Follow-up email of suggestions was immediate. I will be back to see him in the future. You can book your appointment with complete confidence.

Glenda G.

I have been coming here for about 5 weeks. I am having some health issues that really make me focus on losing weight. Mr Keatley explained my issues well to me. I am working with him to help me lose weight. He helps me plan meals and I meet with him every 2 weeks. So far I am down about 15 pounds. I plan on continuing to work with Scott until I reach my goals.

James Avail

Mr. Keatley is warm and supportive. He takes the time to personalize a plan for your needs that is sustainable and can be done far into the future. Highly recommend!


Amazing listening and speaker. Charismatic and was able to deep-dive into any question I asked about a wide range of dietary topics. Highly recommend.

Shannon C.

He was very informative and friendly, he also listened and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I really enjoyed my appointment.

This guy is the real deal! So personable and knowledgeable. I walked away from my first appointment full of hope and excited about my health journey with him. Highly recommend.

Maritza Q.

Super good!

Alejandro P.

Very professional and insightful!

Alla K.

Scott was such a pleasure to meet with. He is open, relatable, and made my visit quite fun!

Natasha S.

Scott is a top referral for my psychotherapy clients. He is thorough and compassionate.


Loved Dr. Keatly! He is very I formative, friendly, and has some really great approaches. I’d highly recommend.

Erica C

Straight to the point, answered all my questions. Excited to get more useful information after trying out some of his suggestions for a bit.

Alex Z.

Super nice! Charismatic and very informative. He was very easy-going and patient ( I have 2 kids under 5 that tend to need me more when I’m on the phone) he wasn’t bothered by my kids in the background.

Noelia G.

I had a really great and fun experience! I was a little nervous going in and worried about getting judged, but that wasn’t what happened at all! Scott was able to describe and explain everything clearly and started off the appointment by saying there’s no such thing as a dumb question. He was kind and understanding and I “walked” away (this was a virtual appointment, haha) from this with a better experience of what I should be doing. Specifically, I went in with concerns about protein intake, and instead of offering a meal plan, he suggested I look at what was on my plate (or bowl) and ask myself if I have everything I need, and if not, what can I add to bring balance? It’s a much healthier mindset to have! Would definitely recommend!

Jasmine Wynona

He was really knowledgeable and very nice. I liked his approach. I was seeing another nutritionist for a year and she did not even tell me 1/2 the things that Scott did on my first visit. I look forward to working with Scott.


Wonderful, informative, hilarious, professional, kind, amazing. The best appointment with a health care provider I’ve ever had. Thanks for doing what you do!

Stephanie F.

Scott was awesome! I made this appointment out of fear that I was heading down the wrong health track, but Scott calmed my fears and responded with nutritional facts from my blood work, as well as a digestible plan on how to move forward. After one visit, I feel empowered to take control of my health. Highly recommend Scott for anyone considering a nutritionist!

Ashia T.

My initial session with Scott was more than I could have hoped for! He was kind, thorough, supportive, and informative and I love his approach to nutrition. He described his style as a nutrition therapy and focused on doing the hard work of reflection and relearning my relationship with food and health as opposed to other programs I’ve tried that focus on restriction and strict regimen to lose weight only. I’m really looking forward to working with him and learning to stay in balance!

Samantha G

Great dietitian! He very professionally saved my fathers life! Im very happy we chose to go to Mr Scott!


Supper knowledgeable, articulate and kind man. Took the time to listen and explain what I needed to understand based on where I am and where Im looking to end up. Great.

Diana T.

Very informative and easy to talk to and understand. He allows you to speak and allows you to be heard and understood. Seems excited to answer questions as well

Ramani W.

Scott is an amazing dietitian and helped me get my gut and health back on track. I went to him because I had issues with acid reflux and heartburn that wouldn’t go away and sure enough after working with him they did. Scott is very flexible, kind and organized. He helped me realize so much more about myself and whenever I need help again he will be who I’ll call. Check him out!

Lia S

First time video visit, he cares so much about his patient. I know I won’t regret my weight loss journey

Sarata T.

Professional and empathic. Great find. Would absolutely recommend him for people who want a sustainable approach to health.


Scott was well-prepared and well-versed. I’ve never seen a dietitian before and he very patiently covered a ton of information in our time together. He showed up exactly on time and felt very present throughout our visit. I will see him again in the future.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 22 ratings)